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Beauty Review: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

in Light/Medium Sheer Tint

I'd been dying to try a BB Cream since Ingrid (missglamorazzi) and Jen (frmheadtotoe) on YouTube had raved about the asian beauty skin sensation years ago, (links to their reviews and videos below). When the trend broke out here in the west, drugstores and higher end shops started carrying BB Creams in all shades, sizes and brands. I was skeptical, because if Asian bloggers said they didn't compare to the real thing, then they must not be that great, right? Wrong. On recommendation from one of missglamorazzi's videos, I swatched, then purchased, the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in the Light/Medium shade on myself in a Rite-Aid about a month ago, and I totally fell in love. Since then I have tried two or three more higher end BB Creams, in Birchbox samples and at Sephora, but nothing has compared to Dream Fresh as of yet. 

Quick Note on BB Creams: Started in Asia, BB Creams (or Beauty Balm Cream) are the most well-rounded skin cosmetic on the market. While most claim between 6 and 10 skin benefits, they generally conceal imperfections, skin pigmentation and adjust skin tone, hydrate like a light moisturizer, and contain some amount of SPF for sun protection. Some are as light as a tinted moisturizer, and some as heavy as foundation, but they are meant to be used either alone for a more natural, easy look or layered with concealer for more coverage. They come in different shades, brands and price ranges, but they should be easy to find in drugstores and beauty shops across the U.S.

I swatched the Light/Medium shade and it was just right for my middle of summer skin, about four trips to the beach with a light tan. I went on vacation to Cancun, however, and now I need to use bronzer along with my Dream Fresh to get the right shade, but as my tan fades I'm sure it'll work for me in the fall.

The formulation is light and smooth, easy to apply with just fingers, but you could always use a foundation brush. I do find that if I have a breakout or any redness, I have to use two or three coats, but just a dime sized amount is enough for one application, so the 1.0 fl oz may seem small, but after using it for a month almost daily, it is still half full. The coverage is totally buildable. I have used just one coat on a good skin day and it has left my face flawless and one beautiful soft tone. I have used a max of three coats on a bad day and had the same beautiful results. 
The packaging, while seemingly small, is compact enough for bags and travel, but lasts longer than you'd think. The squeeze tube tip hasn't been messy for me, and excess product doesn't come gushing out of the tube or into the cap, which is great news, (I've had some bad experience with leaky tinted moisturizer bottles and tubes). 

One Gripe: This product needs to be reapplied because it certainly is not long lasting. Maybe 6 hours is the most I've gotten out of it, which is fine, but it begins to fade quickly, so I wouldn't recommend it for a long work or school day unless you have time to reapply, which is easy so I guess it isn't terrible lasting time. 

Conclusion: For the price (around $8), the accessibility (you can find this product at Ulta, drugstores, Target, or wherever Maybelline is sold), and shade range (five shades: light, light medium, medium, medium/deep, deep), I'd say it is a worthy investment and a great starter BB Cream; it has certainly made me want to try an Asian BB Cream for my pale winter skin, and perhaps a higher end one for the fall and spring.  

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