Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nails Polish Review: Revlon Colorstay in Velvet Rope

super cute for fall

very very trendy :)

I had been looking for a nice wine color for my nails that wasn't too plumy or too red because frankly, I am not a purple or red kind of girl :/ I like bright colors, pinks galore and neutrals, some metallics, but I can't imagine myself wearing a bright vampy red if it's not Halloween, I think it has to do with my skin's red undertones, I just feel like I'm playing dress up. 

Anyway- I was on the hunt for the perfect fall nail color and I happened upon the Revlon display. Now, I don't know if you've tried the Colorstay line of nail polishes from Revlon, but if you haven't you totally should! There isn't the best color selection, as in it is not as extensive as say Essie or OPI (what can you expect? it's still drugstore nail polish from a major cosmetics brand, they don't specialize in nails like other brands do!), but they have gorgeous colors nonetheless. The formula is great, one coat with their short, wide brushes and you have a fabulous, shiny nail. The formula is opaque and smooth, and I love how the brush is short so it feels like you have better control, although that is just my theory. 

To the pictures! 

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I will be including more pictures in my next post...
Let's just say that this wasn't the only bottle of polish I bought for the fall :)

Ciao for Now, M

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini "Pretty and Cute" Haul

Korean BB Cream Haul

mini-sized :)

As the winter months approach, (is September over this week? ummm, yeah, that's happening!)
my tan fades and fades, and although that is sad in many metaphorical and literal ways, it means that there is a whole range of products to try. I was totally psyched to try a real Asian BB Cream, and so I've ordered two mini Lioele BB Creams:

The first one is Lioele's Beyond the Solution BB Cream, 5ml tube

I chose to order Lioele's Beyond the Solution instead of the Triple the Solution because of the moisturizing quality that I absolutely need in a BB Cream, or any face product that I use. Lioele has a chart that compares all of its BB Creams on the Pretty and Cute website, just look under the images of any BB cream product (links below!) 
The packaging is adorable, and it is the perfect size for me to test out, so there will definitely be a review on this and the other BB Cream.

The second BB Cream is Lioele's Water Drop BB Cream, 5ml tube

I also chose to try this BB Cream for its moisturizing quality, and it has SPF 27 which is awesome, particularly because I tend to neglect SPF if it isn't already in the face products I use. 
I actually waited to order these BB Creams because the Water Drop BB Cream wasn't in stock in this mini size, and I figured I'd rather try them before committing to a larger size. There are also other Pretty and Cute products that I'm itching to try, so we'll see if I have a positive review there will definitely be a larger haul later!

The last thing I got was a free sample of Skin 79's Super BB Cream which is also super popular, so I thought I would try it although I haven't heard the greatest things about its moisture, which clearly I am devoted to moisturizing my practically bone dry skin...

ugh but even the sample packaging is cute, I am so tempted to buy the larger size! (resist, be strong...!)

Anyway, I'm super excited to use these products and review them, stay tuned for that!!

Links to these products!

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Friday, September 21, 2012



in a turn of events the mail center at my school decided to work and I finally got all of my pending packages...

Did I not mention I'm in college? Whoops, guess I'll have to do some sort of "secret reveal" of like my life. But I am in New York and the fact that Birchbox is in New York and shipped out of New York and that it took almost 3 weeks for me to get this month's Birchbox is entirely my school's mail center's fault. ENTIRELY!!! 

Okay done with that... on to pictures, ramblings and excitement!!!


If you've never seen a Birchbox, it comes in a pink cardboard shipping box that says Birchbox in huge letters and when you open the box your actual Birchbox is the smaller cardboard box with the logo in pink. You lift the lid and the first thing you'll find is a little postcard describing the products inside and a little note on this month's theme and greetings from the Birchbox team.

This month's theme is based on Fall Fashion Week and so the Birchbox team put together a look book featuring this month's products :)

On to what I got this month!!

This is what my box looked like when I opened it, everything all packed away nice and neat (not for long!)

First thing is this Mighty Leaf Tea in Green Tea Tropical and Chamomile Citrus. Birchbox often includes a lifestyle item along with the beauty products for the month.

The second thing is this little vile of 21 Drops, in scent 09 Focus (I could use some!)

The packaging says that these drops can be used on your body or in bags and whenever you need a little aromatic pick me up

The third thing is this Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
I'll try and figure out what this does...

I love the little stuff that is secretly packaged with the signature Birchbox ribbons!

Oooh! Lookie what I found! A twistband hair tie (this is my third) in a lacey print! These are so great for tying up your hair while you sleep because they don't leave ponytail bumps. 
The Color Club nail polish is a mini size and I am obsessed with mini nail polish! I love that Birchbox is so good about giving amazing sized samples, I have two other mini polishes and a full sized essie polish that I got in my past Birchboxes! This color is called Status Update and it's a charcoal gray with blue tint. 

Samples of a full Nexxus line of Pro-Mend shampoo, conditioner and serum. I'll give you an update once I've used these.

I already know exactly what I will be purchasing :) SO EXCITED!!! 

and this is the calm after the storm!

Every month, (if the mail center gets it together) I will try to blog the opening of my Birchbox and then blog a review on the products included by the end of the month, so stay tuned for that, I've only got about a week to use all of these products in some respect...maybe I'll just make sure to review them before I get the next box...we'll see about all this scheduling stuff...

Sneak Peek: Monday's post is also a haul and it is pretty AND cute... :) someone out there will get the hint haha!

Ciao for Now, M

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Wishlist :)

So...I've kinda sorta decided to do a new feature...
I am always online "window" shopping (get it, windows, like window shopping, but also like a computer window...just me? okay.) and I will do a monthly collection via polyvore of my six most wanted products.

Boom! It's a thing :)

So here are my six most wanted products for September, one of which I already own and will be making an appearance sooner rather than later in a blog post, so stay tuned for that :)

Fall Wishlist

September Wishlist: Asos Baroque Print Dress, Zac Posen Mini Bag, Gap Smoking Flats, 
Target Burgundy Jeans, Kate Spade Bow Bangle, and Madewell Heart Striped Cardigan

Ciao for Now, M

Monday, September 17, 2012

Giving Up: The Ever Elusive Eyeshadow

Maybelline's Color Tattoo Gel/Creme Eyeshadow in Barely Beige

aka: never gonna find it anywhere!!!

I have been relentlessly looking for Maybelline's Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in the color Barely Beige for about three weeks, and not only have I not found a single one, the internet has convinced me that it no longer is available anywhere. Ebay doesn't even have it.

And while I am sort of too devastated to even function (totally joking, this too shall pass), I think I have learned a valuable lesson. Instead of spending the past month practically, looking for one specific product in one specific shade, I could have been looking for dupes, higher end or drugstore, for this shade. I'm sure they are out there and I plan on making a total project of finding them and finding the one that will leave me completely satisfied, if not perfectly okay with not having the Color Tattoo in Barely Beige. And maybe if the cosmetic goddesses are merciful, Maybelline will put barely beige or something similar in the permanent collection. 

For videos of the mythical/legendary/borderline magical eyeshadow, click below. I am so incredibly jelly of these girls for finding it, but it is motivation to find the perfect dupe. 

I'll eventually swatch my other color tattoo eyeshadows (in Bad to the Bronze and Tough as Taupe) but I need time to grieve my dream of owning Barely'll take some time :/

Ciao for Now, M

Friday, September 14, 2012

BaubleBar Collection!

BaubleBar Jewelry Collection

Thoughts and Review

BaubleBar has blown up as one of the web's premier places for accessories, jewelry and what can only really be described as baubles. They have a wide collection of pieces in different colors for different seasons, an entire line of personalized and customizable pieces, and "designer popup" collections. With prices ranging from $18 all the way to $100+, it can get pretty pricey. And I've come to find that not all baubles are made alike...

My collection

has grown from the first piece I purchased in late June to five pieces, which come packaged in these nice black (velvet, velour, polyester?) pouches with the brand's logo and a black clasp, in different sizes for necklaces, large bracelets, small bracelets and rings. When you first sign up for Baublebar you get $10 off your first order, and there is a point system similar to Birchbox where you get a point per dollar spent and a certain number of points will get you some increment off your purchases. So you can actually use the first 100 points ($10 off) on your first order or save them. You will also receive $15 dollars off if you refer a friend (once that friend has made a purchase) and I highly recommend using this service because some of the pieces are gorgeous, but most certainly not worth the high prices at times...

My first piece is this necklace that came in multiple colors, from tangerine to teal, and I think at one point yellow and black, but I chose the white for its simplicity. The gold hardware has worn extremely, especially on the clasp, and although I still wear it, I haven't worn it enough for this kind of wear and tear. 
White Elliptic Bib-$24
Wear is visible on the clasp, went from bright gold to a dull silver
I really love this necklace, though, and it is one of those shorter chained necklaces that still looks flattering with either high or low neck tops. It is sweet and simple and I love it. I got $10 off this piece so I got it for $14. And it bums me out to know that although a. I don't wear this piece often and b. I keep it nice and safe in its pouch, it might not stay the bright gold it was when I bought it. 

Well, my second piece is this neon pink id tag braided bracelet that I fell in love with, and it also came in neon green. It is a squareknot braid, and it is already coming loose, which even the squarknot bracelets I've made have ever come loose, so this was extremely upsetting and disappointing.

Neon Pink ID tag bracelet
The right squarknot ends have come loose
and I have to retie them often

 On the left you can see that the knot is still in place, but on the right I've had to tie and retie the loose ends over and over and it is super frustrating! The back of the little gold ID tag has worn, but I wear this bracelet often and pretty tight on my wrist compared to my other bracelets so I think it's just because it has brushed my skin too often, but either way this is also disappointing. 

My third piece is the YouTube famous Roseland Disco Rose Gold Bracelet with pave beads. I absolutely love this bracelet and it was the piece that reignited my love for Baublebar and gave me the confidence to shop with them. I realized it would be better to purchase recommended pieces as opposed to pieces that I wasn't sure were good quality or well-made. This bracelet's beads are heavy, sturdy and it looks great with other rosegold pieces or on its own. 

Roseland Disco Rose Gold Wrap Bracelet
as seen on Missglamorazzi, Amarixe and AllthatGlitters21

My fourth and five pieces are my most recent purchases and I fell in love when I saw them in a promo email together. They are the Lady Gem Bracelet and the Luxe Bead Bracelet Set. These were purchased with $15 I had received for referring a friend, and I absolutely love the look of these bracelets. The set comes with three bracelets, and the Lady Gem Bracelet could have just as easily been part of the set. They are all delicate with small gold beads and brighter focus beads in the center. 
Luxe Bead Bracelet Set
Lady Gem Bracelet
Overall, I like Baublebar, I think their promotions, rewards system and free shipping are awesome. Their pieces range from a great lasting quality, to very poorly made. I would recommend researching their pieces before purchasing, particularly if they are expensive because a lot of their pieces are. I would say you can find their pieces elsewhere, but you just can't. Other retailers might have similar jewelry but they don't have the same selection as Baublebar. I totally recommend shopping with them, but shop with caution. I know I will continue to shop Baublebar, but I will always be careful with my purchases. 

Ciao for Now, M

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Review: Tote Bags and Bracelets!

DIY Review: 

MissGlamorazzi's Glam-it-Yourself Tutorials

As a subscriber and fan of Missglamorazzi on YouTube, I can tell you her beauty videos are amazing, fun, well-edited and super informative. She has great beauty and style recommendations and she's super sweet as well. She has started a series of DIY videos that she calls GIY or Glam-It-Yourself, and I have tried two of them to share with you today. 

First, the GIY Wrap Bracelets

The video is for her wrap bracelets, which she makes three different styles of with so many different materials, different beads, cords and fasteners. My first impression was that this is a costly and time consuming DIY, but when I actually went to Michaels and purchased the materials, it came out to about $15 in total (I bought several varieties of cording, three tubes of beads and two different fasteners). I haven't used up all of the materials I bought, but I have made about six bracelets in total and I can see that the money was well spent because a wrap bracelet in a store can range from $3 to $15 dollars (Forever 21 has some inexpensive ones, Madewell has cute colors for $10, and has overly priced ones at $22). 

The video is clear, easy to follow and has a great variety of bracelets to make. Once you make the squareknot bracelet, it is super easy to make the beaded squareknot bracelets, which are my personal favorite. You can switch up the beads, use multiple thread colors and really customize them to your taste. I made several for friends but kept a white threaded, silver and gold beaded one, and a pink and white thread, silver and gold beaded one for my personal arm party :)
The braided bracelet is by far the easiest and I like that you can make it a double wrap or single wrap, which I made both and kept the double wrap. 

This GIY also gave me a great use for an old birchbox, and I used it as the flat board or surface to braid and bead on, plus it keeps all the bracelet supplies in one place!
And this is how I wear the bracelets with my arm party:
Braid Double Wrap Bracelet, Squareknot Beaded Bracelets, Gold and Rhinestone Bracelet,
 Madewell Braided Bracelet and Neon Pink ID Tag Bracelet from BaubleBar

GIY No-Sew Tote Bags:

This video is for a much harder tutorial, but the product is an adorable, totally custom tote bag that is cute and durable. 
My problem with this tutorial is more about the bags themselves than the tutorial, because the video is even clearer and more detailed than the bracelet video, and it is super easy to follow. But the bag costs quite a bit and is not only not washable, but if you follow the exact measurements, it is a small bag. 
Duck Tape, which is the brand of duct tape, can be pricey depending on where you get it and what colors you choose, and although it is sturdier than a different brand of tape, if you can get a coupon or something that might be best. The fabric and belting is super inexpensive.

I didn't have a Joann's Fabric around (and Michael's does not carry a single thing you'll need except duck tape...) so I got the fabric pieces in 18"x 21"from Walmart...and I realize not every Walmart has a fabric section so you might have to find a local fabric store. The belting was also from Walmart, and I actually got longer pieces than was used in the video, at about 15" pieces. 

My main advice for anyone who wants to try this tutorial is that you need to watch the video slowly, measure precisely and have patience because it is not a two minute quick DIY. 

My Tote Bag, with a turquoise and blue fabric, and neon pink lining!

Overall, these videos are fun, cute and super easy to follow. Subscribe to MissGlamorazzi for more GIY videos. There is one for a glass brush holder which looks like it would be fun to try, so check that out!

Ciao for Now, M

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Colors! Wine, Forest and Baroque Patterns!

Fall Colors

featuring Wine Nail Lacquers and Beauty, Forest Accessories and Baroque Patterns

Can you say obsessed? I am entirely obsessed with baroque art (thank you art history!) and the use of this baroque print in dresses and tops has me head over heels! Also super trendy for the fall? Wine (yum) reds and purples for nails and lips! Forest colored accessories are also making a big statement, as as deep green on nails! What are your favorite colors for this fall? 

Fall Colors

Ciao for Now, M

Friday, September 7, 2012

Beauty Review: OPI Nail Polish "Not Like The Movies"

OPI's "Not Like The Movies" Nail Polish

Galaxy Nails in a Bottle?

This summer's nail trends were amazing, from chevron nails and ombre nails to the ever elusive galaxy nails. Well, I am quite daring when it comes to nail trends and trying nail tutorials, but the galaxy nails just looked too hard and didn't interest me as much as other nails trends.
Well, I went to a Duane Reade (local New York drugstore, owned by Walgreens) the other day looking for light bulbs and I was actually in a newer renovated one where the beauty section is massive and looks like a department store! Of course, I found myself in front of the OPI display. It really made me feel like I was in a candy store! But this one bottle of nail polish drew me in with its holographic color and glitter, it looked stellar, pun intended.

OPI Nail Lacquer in "Not Like the Movies"

The classic OPI bottle, brush and formula included, this nail polish has a green, lavender and gray metallic color blend that makes it look out of this world. Different from the galaxy nail trend that uses navy or black bases, this polish also reminds me of Northern Lights (visible in the arctic). It changes colors depending on the angle you view it from, it has dainty silver glitter, and it's OPI so you know it is a great quality, what's not to love?
OPI's "Not Like the Movies" and accent nail in Essie's "No Place like Chrome"

Nothing. If you want galaxy nails without the struggle and work, go grab this nail polish from your local drugstore!

Ciao for Now, M

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hair Review: Lush Marilyn Hair Moisturizer

Marilyn Hair Moisturizer

hair lightening treatment

As the summer winds down, and the bronzer, sunscreen, and gradual tanners find their homes in the back of bathroom cabinets, I have hit the bottom of my Marilyn hair treatment by Lush. Lush has the most amazing organic, healthy and fun cosmetics and it is just an amazing experience walking into their awesome stores. So naturally, when I went looking for a hair lightening treatment at the beginning of the summer I went to Lush first hoping to find something that would help keep my hair moisturized in the hot New York summer, but also lighten my hair naturally without dyes or heavy chemicals. And boy did Lush deliver.

The Deal: 

Marilyn is packaged in Lush's black pots (if you have 5 empties you can take them back to the store and get a free face mask), and is a 20 minute conditioner that you wash out. Taking advise from reviews on the Lush website, I left the product in for much longer, sometimes up to four or five hours, before washing out because I have medium brown hair, and although the product is marketed for blondes (Marilyn is named after one of the most famous blondes in the world, the great Marilyn Monroe), it works for almost all hair colors (I doubt it would do much for black hair? But it will lighten reds, too).
Marilyn is made with chamomile, which if you have ever used chamomile infused shampoos you know it is a light and natural dye. Marilyn also contains lemon (ever sat in the sun with lemon juice in your hair?) saffron and olive oil. Olive oil will keep your hair soft and moisturized through whatever, and the website says that the saffron is for shine, but either way it is a luxurious ingredient and it makes Marilyn all the more glamorous! And all those great ingredients give it a citrus tea smell which is awesome for the summer months, granted you wash it out with just water or a lightly scented shampoo.

Marilyn by Lush, 7.9 oz container


  • The formulation starts thick like a conditioner, and by the last quarter of the container the formula became a liquid. It is extremely difficult to use that way, and you have to be careful to not spill it everywhere. 
  • For the cost ($21.95 per 7.9 oz) you will use it up very,very quickly. This product will not last longer than two months if your hair is darker than an ash blonde, and if you use it everyday it will go even faster. To apply it to your entire head of hair (if you have a pixie cut I guess you're fine?) takes about one and a half handfuls, and yes I have long hair, but it is very fine, so I didn't expect to need as much. If you have thicker hair, good luck, this product is going to be gone after a few uses.

Okay, But Does It Work?!   

YES! This product absolutely works, you will see results, and you will get compliments on how fresh and shiny your hair becomes. It will lighten your hair, but one container won't take you from brown to blonde, just a warning, only harsh dyes can do that. It did lighten my hair at least a solid shade lighter, enough to get questions about whether I dyed it. The wonders Marilyn worked on my highlights (blonde and red) are really what have me head over heels for this product! It smells amazing, it is easy to use, and it really works. I highly recommend using this product for longer than the recommended 20 minutes, and using it on a beach day (the sun will enhance its lightening abilities) is also a great idea. I started using the product with John Freida's Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner for darker blondes, and that enhanced the lightening as well, so if you want it to work faster I recommend a shampoo and conditioner with chamomile or lemon as well. Marilyn is well worth the purchase!

Ciao for Now, M