Monday, November 12, 2012

Bath and Body Works Small Haul!

B&B Works Small Haul

Candles Galore!!

Ahhh, nothing makes me feel more warm and cozy than a nice candle burning in a room, the smell permeating through the air! And since I love sweet, sugary candles, the fall and winter are the best times to buy candles! 
So I went to Bath and Body Works and picked up a couple of new candles, and I totally plan on picking up more considering the amazing coupons in the Holiday Gift Guide you get with every purchase during the holiday season! The deals are great and I'm really excited because the holiday scents are sooo yummy and sweet...


Cafe Au Lait

If I could only burn one candle for the rest of my life it would be Cafe Au Lait, from the Paris Amour collection that reappeared earlier this year (they released it last year as well, but this year used different packaging/labels) and is still available in some stores and online. I picked up two of these sweet, sugary latte scented candles in the 2 for $20 3-wick candle promotion. 

Frosted Gingerbread

Part of the holiday collection, Frosted Gingerbread smells like freshly baked gingerbread people (men and women lol) frosted in sweet vanilla frosting, ...and now my mouth is totally watering...
I picked one of the small candles up for myself, I couldn't really commit to a 3-wick just yet, I wanted to know what it smelled like burning, but I picked one up for a friend as well. 

Peppermint Mocha and Cinnamon Frosting 

Chocolate and Peppermint? A match made in heaven in my opinion! This Peppermint Mocha candle smells like a rich chocolate infused with a slight peppermint twist. Think the Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks! And because all mini candles are 2 for $5 I also picked up a Cinnamon Frosting candle which I will definitely be buying the 3-wick of because it is amazing. It has the spice of cinnamon with a mostly sweet vanilla note that just makes me want cupcakes and all that is frosted! It reminds me of the Frosted Cupcake candle, but with the spicy cinnamon it is perfect for the colder fall months :)

Let me know in comments below, what are your favorite holiday scents? What is your favorite Bath and Body Works candle? Any recommendations?! 

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Ciao for Now, M

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