Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birchbox Samples Review: November

birchbox finally came. 

super. late. as. per. usual...

So, I waited and waited and waited and finally got my birchbox in the mail for November. On the last week of the month. Thankfully, from what I've tried out everything seems amazing quality, and as opposed to last month, I am a totally happy customer :) ON TO THE SAMPLES!!

Here's what my box had inside after I swiftly ripped the top and tissue paper off :)

MCMC Phoenix: This fragrance was actually not to my taste at all, it felt fresh but sultry, and although I don't go for sweet scents either, this just didn't feel like me at all. Nevertheless, a friend came by and picked it up and the box had a cute little poem thing on the back so overall I'd say it was nice, but not for me. Also, I'm getting a little bored of the fragrance samples considering I know what I like and birchbox isn't exactly going to convince me otherwise...what do you think? Are fragrance samples your favorite kind or do you think they are too familiar/overdone?

Oscar Blandi Texture & Volume Spray: This little spray bottle is absolutely adorable, and I use the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo so I was pretty excited to see a sample of theirs. I sprayed it on before flat ironing my hair and it gave me a small amount of volume, but didn't do any of the anti-frizz that it claims on the back of the bottle :( Not going to purchase full size, but it is nice to have when I need some volume quick.

Model Co Fibre LashXtend Black Lengthening Mascara: In retrospect I wish I had taken a pic of the wand for y'all, but it has this super cute mirror on the back (which I tried using and it works!) that got me all excited. It is a totally full sized tube, so score birchbox! But actually this mascara is awesome, it is super, super lengthening as promised, but if you need any volume or drama, this is not for you. I do like it for every day, although it isn't voluminous, it gives me long, unclumped lashes for a fresh daily look. Totally recommend if you've got full lashes but no length!  

Chuao Chocolatier Firecraker ChocoPod: YUMMERS! Do you remember the fizzy poprocks candy from your childhood? Ever wonder what it would taste like in chocolate? Well this chocolate was not only spicy, infused with chipotle, it had pop rocks in every bite that fizzled and popped for a fun surprise. It tastes great and the assorted pack at is like >$8. Recommend for chocolate lovers looking for something new. 

Smitten Ribbon Candy Cupcake Bath Bomb: LUSH, look out! This bath bomb is an adorable cupcake shape with candy looking sprinkles and smells sweet, vanilla-y and comes with a cheeky little "Do Not Eat" label in case you get too curious. I haven't used it yet but if I like it a lot, I'll do a comparison with the closest smelling LUSH bath bomb I can find :)

Thanks birchbox for having so many awesome clothing company friends who will give you discounts for your customers! So the idea behind the card is to give it to a friend to use for $15 off a Chromatic gallerie pair of colorful flats and then it also has a $15 off code for yourself :) AWESOME. LOVE ME SOME COUPON CODES!!

Overall? Awesome box this month, and SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR THE HOLIDAY BOX! Hopefully it comes before Christmas and I can share it with you guys before NEXT YEAR :) Woah, is it really so close?!

Ciao for Now, M 

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