Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Lush Haul

small haul 

(I like how that rhymes)

So, I have survived Sandy and my classes start up again today, and it is Halloween! And don't think I forgot about the Lush Haul I promised! Well I didn't pick up much, considering how teeny tiny the Lush I went to is, and they didn't have much left of the Halloween collection :( 

Nevertheless, I am so in love with the products I picked up :)
Top Left Clockwise: Sultana of Soap, Twilight Shower Gel, Ocean Salt Scrub Sample, and The Enchanter Bath Bomb

Twilight Shower Gel

I was skeptical about this shower gel, as I am not a big fan of shower gels in general, particularly when Lush has such moisturizing and yummy smelling soaps. But on a whim, and perhaps a little shove from the Lush girl who helped me, I tried the gel in store and fell in LOVE. They only had the smaller size (3.3 fl oz) but I will definitely be looking for this in other Lush stores or buying it online. 
It starts by smelling like a roasting marshmallow, and then an actual wood burning fire. It has some rich spices, and a gentle lavender scent. It was inspired by the Twilight Bath Bomb, so I'll definitely be picking that up as well. It doesn't have any super moisturizing qualities, and the glitter has settled to the bottom so I haven't been doused in glitter, thankfully! 

Sultana of Soap Soap

Every fall I have to pick up a chunk of this soap, which is kind of like the most scrumptous oatmeal cookie ingredients without the oatmeal. It has currants, apricots and smells like a spicy orange which the website says is Bergamot, a fancy schmancy Italian orange. This soap has the most moisturizing lather I've ever felt. But I have to say, when you first wash all the lather off it will feel a little tight on your skin, like a really crappy soap bar, but after a few minutes, like while you're toweling off, you skin becomes super soft, like you had applied some magical lotion to it. And it smells the way fall is supposed to smell! Yummm!

The Enchanter Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is part of the Halloween collection, and it smells amazing!! There isn't much about this bath bomb that drew me in, but the scent is so fresh and citrus-y, I was super surprised it was part of the Halloween collection. It isn't as bright as perhaps a lemon scented soap or bomb, but the orange is dominant and I think it would be great on a sunny Saturday morning before an awesome shopping trip or errand running! The fizz is supposed to turn bath water orange then pink!  

Ocean Salt Scrub Sample!

So...for all the time I spent in that tiny Lush, the girl helping me helped me to a sample of Ocean Salt which was open next to the register. It is a great scrub, with a fresh ocean scent, but the sea salt is too harsh for my sensitive skin to use every day. It has a clean scent, but I prefer almond, green tea or apricot scrubs, and scrubs with finer exfoliants.

I'm back to my Monday, Wednesday and Friday blogging :) Hope you missed me! 

Ciao for Now, M 

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