Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ugh Oh.

School Kinda Sorta Sucks

jk. but exams sure do...

So basically I am really bummed out that I haven't posted in such a long time...nevertheless I will definitely be posting again in November, but for some updates...

1. In the shortest review ever known to the Internet, my October Birchbox was absolutely, positively the worst I've ever received. I was so extremely disappointed with my box this month, especially after being so enamored with last month's box...nothing in the box is worth reviewing. But I didn't receive the special Goop box they offered, so maybe those boxes were much better. I received four items, a highlighter from theBalm which I'll probably use as eyeshadow, but the sample is tiny; a hair treatment from Ouidad, who market themselves as the "Curl Experts" ... I don't have all. My hair actually can't get much straighter...and the packaging is this weird envelope. I got some vitamin something rather caplets that I'm supposed to break open, spread on my skin and I'll magically have vitamin C? and last I got two fragrance samples with the worst packaging I've ever seen. I'll try and take photos and update this post with them later. All in all, I hope November is better and I've learned to always take the special boxes when they are offered.

2. I want to do a Lush haul on the Halloween edition items I picked up this weekend, so if I get a chance before Halloween I'll definitely put that up (I am sooooo excited about the stuff I got!)

3. I missed the Ulta sale on Butter London nail polishes. I want to cry a little. And by want to, I mean I did.

4. My Bath and Body Works candle supply is so drastically low that I think I forsee a haul in the near future, so stay tuned for that, too.

5. Starbucks flows through my veins. #collegeproblems #midtermssuck

OK, enough of the pity party, back to work...

Hope to post back soon!!!

Ciao for Now, M

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