Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini "Pretty and Cute" Haul

Korean BB Cream Haul

mini-sized :)

As the winter months approach, (is September over this week? ummm, yeah, that's happening!)
my tan fades and fades, and although that is sad in many metaphorical and literal ways, it means that there is a whole range of products to try. I was totally psyched to try a real Asian BB Cream, and so I've ordered two mini Lioele BB Creams:

The first one is Lioele's Beyond the Solution BB Cream, 5ml tube

I chose to order Lioele's Beyond the Solution instead of the Triple the Solution because of the moisturizing quality that I absolutely need in a BB Cream, or any face product that I use. Lioele has a chart that compares all of its BB Creams on the Pretty and Cute website, just look under the images of any BB cream product (links below!) 
The packaging is adorable, and it is the perfect size for me to test out, so there will definitely be a review on this and the other BB Cream.

The second BB Cream is Lioele's Water Drop BB Cream, 5ml tube

I also chose to try this BB Cream for its moisturizing quality, and it has SPF 27 which is awesome, particularly because I tend to neglect SPF if it isn't already in the face products I use. 
I actually waited to order these BB Creams because the Water Drop BB Cream wasn't in stock in this mini size, and I figured I'd rather try them before committing to a larger size. There are also other Pretty and Cute products that I'm itching to try, so we'll see if I have a positive review there will definitely be a larger haul later!

The last thing I got was a free sample of Skin 79's Super BB Cream which is also super popular, so I thought I would try it although I haven't heard the greatest things about its moisture, which clearly I am devoted to moisturizing my practically bone dry skin...

ugh but even the sample packaging is cute, I am so tempted to buy the larger size! (resist, be strong...!)

Anyway, I'm super excited to use these products and review them, stay tuned for that!!

Links to these products!

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