Friday, September 21, 2012



in a turn of events the mail center at my school decided to work and I finally got all of my pending packages...

Did I not mention I'm in college? Whoops, guess I'll have to do some sort of "secret reveal" of like my life. But I am in New York and the fact that Birchbox is in New York and shipped out of New York and that it took almost 3 weeks for me to get this month's Birchbox is entirely my school's mail center's fault. ENTIRELY!!! 

Okay done with that... on to pictures, ramblings and excitement!!!


If you've never seen a Birchbox, it comes in a pink cardboard shipping box that says Birchbox in huge letters and when you open the box your actual Birchbox is the smaller cardboard box with the logo in pink. You lift the lid and the first thing you'll find is a little postcard describing the products inside and a little note on this month's theme and greetings from the Birchbox team.

This month's theme is based on Fall Fashion Week and so the Birchbox team put together a look book featuring this month's products :)

On to what I got this month!!

This is what my box looked like when I opened it, everything all packed away nice and neat (not for long!)

First thing is this Mighty Leaf Tea in Green Tea Tropical and Chamomile Citrus. Birchbox often includes a lifestyle item along with the beauty products for the month.

The second thing is this little vile of 21 Drops, in scent 09 Focus (I could use some!)

The packaging says that these drops can be used on your body or in bags and whenever you need a little aromatic pick me up

The third thing is this Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
I'll try and figure out what this does...

I love the little stuff that is secretly packaged with the signature Birchbox ribbons!

Oooh! Lookie what I found! A twistband hair tie (this is my third) in a lacey print! These are so great for tying up your hair while you sleep because they don't leave ponytail bumps. 
The Color Club nail polish is a mini size and I am obsessed with mini nail polish! I love that Birchbox is so good about giving amazing sized samples, I have two other mini polishes and a full sized essie polish that I got in my past Birchboxes! This color is called Status Update and it's a charcoal gray with blue tint. 

Samples of a full Nexxus line of Pro-Mend shampoo, conditioner and serum. I'll give you an update once I've used these.

I already know exactly what I will be purchasing :) SO EXCITED!!! 

and this is the calm after the storm!

Every month, (if the mail center gets it together) I will try to blog the opening of my Birchbox and then blog a review on the products included by the end of the month, so stay tuned for that, I've only got about a week to use all of these products in some respect...maybe I'll just make sure to review them before I get the next box...we'll see about all this scheduling stuff...

Sneak Peek: Monday's post is also a haul and it is pretty AND cute... :) someone out there will get the hint haha!

Ciao for Now, M

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