Monday, September 17, 2012

Giving Up: The Ever Elusive Eyeshadow

Maybelline's Color Tattoo Gel/Creme Eyeshadow in Barely Beige

aka: never gonna find it anywhere!!!

I have been relentlessly looking for Maybelline's Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in the color Barely Beige for about three weeks, and not only have I not found a single one, the internet has convinced me that it no longer is available anywhere. Ebay doesn't even have it.

And while I am sort of too devastated to even function (totally joking, this too shall pass), I think I have learned a valuable lesson. Instead of spending the past month practically, looking for one specific product in one specific shade, I could have been looking for dupes, higher end or drugstore, for this shade. I'm sure they are out there and I plan on making a total project of finding them and finding the one that will leave me completely satisfied, if not perfectly okay with not having the Color Tattoo in Barely Beige. And maybe if the cosmetic goddesses are merciful, Maybelline will put barely beige or something similar in the permanent collection. 

For videos of the mythical/legendary/borderline magical eyeshadow, click below. I am so incredibly jelly of these girls for finding it, but it is motivation to find the perfect dupe. 

I'll eventually swatch my other color tattoo eyeshadows (in Bad to the Bronze and Tough as Taupe) but I need time to grieve my dream of owning Barely'll take some time :/

Ciao for Now, M

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