Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Review: Tote Bags and Bracelets!

DIY Review: 

MissGlamorazzi's Glam-it-Yourself Tutorials

As a subscriber and fan of Missglamorazzi on YouTube, I can tell you her beauty videos are amazing, fun, well-edited and super informative. She has great beauty and style recommendations and she's super sweet as well. She has started a series of DIY videos that she calls GIY or Glam-It-Yourself, and I have tried two of them to share with you today. 

First, the GIY Wrap Bracelets

The video is for her wrap bracelets, which she makes three different styles of with so many different materials, different beads, cords and fasteners. My first impression was that this is a costly and time consuming DIY, but when I actually went to Michaels and purchased the materials, it came out to about $15 in total (I bought several varieties of cording, three tubes of beads and two different fasteners). I haven't used up all of the materials I bought, but I have made about six bracelets in total and I can see that the money was well spent because a wrap bracelet in a store can range from $3 to $15 dollars (Forever 21 has some inexpensive ones, Madewell has cute colors for $10, and has overly priced ones at $22). 

The video is clear, easy to follow and has a great variety of bracelets to make. Once you make the squareknot bracelet, it is super easy to make the beaded squareknot bracelets, which are my personal favorite. You can switch up the beads, use multiple thread colors and really customize them to your taste. I made several for friends but kept a white threaded, silver and gold beaded one, and a pink and white thread, silver and gold beaded one for my personal arm party :)
The braided bracelet is by far the easiest and I like that you can make it a double wrap or single wrap, which I made both and kept the double wrap. 

This GIY also gave me a great use for an old birchbox, and I used it as the flat board or surface to braid and bead on, plus it keeps all the bracelet supplies in one place!
And this is how I wear the bracelets with my arm party:
Braid Double Wrap Bracelet, Squareknot Beaded Bracelets, Gold and Rhinestone Bracelet,
 Madewell Braided Bracelet and Neon Pink ID Tag Bracelet from BaubleBar

GIY No-Sew Tote Bags:

This video is for a much harder tutorial, but the product is an adorable, totally custom tote bag that is cute and durable. 
My problem with this tutorial is more about the bags themselves than the tutorial, because the video is even clearer and more detailed than the bracelet video, and it is super easy to follow. But the bag costs quite a bit and is not only not washable, but if you follow the exact measurements, it is a small bag. 
Duck Tape, which is the brand of duct tape, can be pricey depending on where you get it and what colors you choose, and although it is sturdier than a different brand of tape, if you can get a coupon or something that might be best. The fabric and belting is super inexpensive.

I didn't have a Joann's Fabric around (and Michael's does not carry a single thing you'll need except duck tape...) so I got the fabric pieces in 18"x 21"from Walmart...and I realize not every Walmart has a fabric section so you might have to find a local fabric store. The belting was also from Walmart, and I actually got longer pieces than was used in the video, at about 15" pieces. 

My main advice for anyone who wants to try this tutorial is that you need to watch the video slowly, measure precisely and have patience because it is not a two minute quick DIY. 

My Tote Bag, with a turquoise and blue fabric, and neon pink lining!

Overall, these videos are fun, cute and super easy to follow. Subscribe to MissGlamorazzi for more GIY videos. There is one for a glass brush holder which looks like it would be fun to try, so check that out!

Ciao for Now, M

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