Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nails Polish Review: Revlon Colorstay in Velvet Rope

super cute for fall

very very trendy :)

I had been looking for a nice wine color for my nails that wasn't too plumy or too red because frankly, I am not a purple or red kind of girl :/ I like bright colors, pinks galore and neutrals, some metallics, but I can't imagine myself wearing a bright vampy red if it's not Halloween, I think it has to do with my skin's red undertones, I just feel like I'm playing dress up. 

Anyway- I was on the hunt for the perfect fall nail color and I happened upon the Revlon display. Now, I don't know if you've tried the Colorstay line of nail polishes from Revlon, but if you haven't you totally should! There isn't the best color selection, as in it is not as extensive as say Essie or OPI (what can you expect? it's still drugstore nail polish from a major cosmetics brand, they don't specialize in nails like other brands do!), but they have gorgeous colors nonetheless. The formula is great, one coat with their short, wide brushes and you have a fabulous, shiny nail. The formula is opaque and smooth, and I love how the brush is short so it feels like you have better control, although that is just my theory. 

To the pictures! 

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I will be including more pictures in my next post...
Let's just say that this wasn't the only bottle of polish I bought for the fall :)

Ciao for Now, M

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