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BaubleBar Collection!

BaubleBar Jewelry Collection

Thoughts and Review

BaubleBar has blown up as one of the web's premier places for accessories, jewelry and what can only really be described as baubles. They have a wide collection of pieces in different colors for different seasons, an entire line of personalized and customizable pieces, and "designer popup" collections. With prices ranging from $18 all the way to $100+, it can get pretty pricey. And I've come to find that not all baubles are made alike...

My collection

has grown from the first piece I purchased in late June to five pieces, which come packaged in these nice black (velvet, velour, polyester?) pouches with the brand's logo and a black clasp, in different sizes for necklaces, large bracelets, small bracelets and rings. When you first sign up for Baublebar you get $10 off your first order, and there is a point system similar to Birchbox where you get a point per dollar spent and a certain number of points will get you some increment off your purchases. So you can actually use the first 100 points ($10 off) on your first order or save them. You will also receive $15 dollars off if you refer a friend (once that friend has made a purchase) and I highly recommend using this service because some of the pieces are gorgeous, but most certainly not worth the high prices at times...

My first piece is this necklace that came in multiple colors, from tangerine to teal, and I think at one point yellow and black, but I chose the white for its simplicity. The gold hardware has worn extremely, especially on the clasp, and although I still wear it, I haven't worn it enough for this kind of wear and tear. 
White Elliptic Bib-$24
Wear is visible on the clasp, went from bright gold to a dull silver
I really love this necklace, though, and it is one of those shorter chained necklaces that still looks flattering with either high or low neck tops. It is sweet and simple and I love it. I got $10 off this piece so I got it for $14. And it bums me out to know that although a. I don't wear this piece often and b. I keep it nice and safe in its pouch, it might not stay the bright gold it was when I bought it. 

Well, my second piece is this neon pink id tag braided bracelet that I fell in love with, and it also came in neon green. It is a squareknot braid, and it is already coming loose, which even the squarknot bracelets I've made have ever come loose, so this was extremely upsetting and disappointing.

Neon Pink ID tag bracelet
The right squarknot ends have come loose
and I have to retie them often

 On the left you can see that the knot is still in place, but on the right I've had to tie and retie the loose ends over and over and it is super frustrating! The back of the little gold ID tag has worn, but I wear this bracelet often and pretty tight on my wrist compared to my other bracelets so I think it's just because it has brushed my skin too often, but either way this is also disappointing. 

My third piece is the YouTube famous Roseland Disco Rose Gold Bracelet with pave beads. I absolutely love this bracelet and it was the piece that reignited my love for Baublebar and gave me the confidence to shop with them. I realized it would be better to purchase recommended pieces as opposed to pieces that I wasn't sure were good quality or well-made. This bracelet's beads are heavy, sturdy and it looks great with other rosegold pieces or on its own. 

Roseland Disco Rose Gold Wrap Bracelet
as seen on Missglamorazzi, Amarixe and AllthatGlitters21

My fourth and five pieces are my most recent purchases and I fell in love when I saw them in a promo email together. They are the Lady Gem Bracelet and the Luxe Bead Bracelet Set. These were purchased with $15 I had received for referring a friend, and I absolutely love the look of these bracelets. The set comes with three bracelets, and the Lady Gem Bracelet could have just as easily been part of the set. They are all delicate with small gold beads and brighter focus beads in the center. 
Luxe Bead Bracelet Set
Lady Gem Bracelet
Overall, I like Baublebar, I think their promotions, rewards system and free shipping are awesome. Their pieces range from a great lasting quality, to very poorly made. I would recommend researching their pieces before purchasing, particularly if they are expensive because a lot of their pieces are. I would say you can find their pieces elsewhere, but you just can't. Other retailers might have similar jewelry but they don't have the same selection as Baublebar. I totally recommend shopping with them, but shop with caution. I know I will continue to shop Baublebar, but I will always be careful with my purchases. 

Ciao for Now, M

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